1 Magazine Street

1 Magazine Street


Brief History of the Property:

1 Magazine Street was originally built in 1885 as a Freedman’s Cottage. Sometime during the 1950’s a fire occurred in the back kitchen house, evidenced by charred marks on the rear facade of the structure. In the mid 1950’s a 1-story addition was constructed at the rear of the structure. During the 1980’s a second story was added to this addition. The property was found to be in very poor condition at the time of our acquisition.

Project Description:

This preservation project began by demolishing the poorly constructed additions done in the 1950’s and 80’s. These additions were re-constructed in a structurally sound manner. During this process, we re-activated the original “wrap around” porch that was shown in the earlier Sanborn maps. We used all the original wood siding on the front and side facades while showing the transition from historic to new construction with a corner board and hyphen in the structure. All the original windows that were on the property when it was acquired were restored and used in the front facades to maintain the historic integrity of the home. We installed functioning shutters and replaced the synthetic non-operable shutters that had been installed on the house previously. The exterior chimneys were restored, rebuilt and repointed using brick re-claimed from the site, which improved the skyline view of the home. During the landscaping process we located a wrought iron fence at a local antique shop from 1885 that we used as the driveway gate to the back yard. This charming freedman’s cottage was in disarray when we acquired it and with a vision, we re-constructed this property in a manner which revitalized the historical elements and improved the surrounding neighborhoods. The goal of this project was to restore the charm this house once had in the early 1900’s and make it something that the Charleston community can be proud of.

1 Magazine Street is located just north of Broad Street on the Charleston Peninsula and is only 3 blocks from the vibrant shops and restaurants on King Street and Market Street.

* This project was awarded the Caralopolis award by the Charleston Preservation Society to recognize outstanding achievement in exterior preservation, restoration and rehabilitation.

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