24 Ogier

24 Ogier
24 Ogier St, Charleston, SC 29403, USA


24 Ogier Street was an undeveloped lot less than 1000 feet from MUSC’s Rutledge Tower that CKC Properties LLC acquired (through its affiliates) in 2015 and began to develop in 2016.

This development consisted of two single family homes, 4-stories each, with a very modern architectural direction.  Both house are constructed using Insulated Concrete Form on all exterior walls with closed cell spray foam insulation in the floor and attic.  Insulated Concrete Form is a unique building process that utilizes Styrofoam Building Blocks that attach together like “Legos” and are filled with 6” of solid concrete and rebar.  The end result is an extremely tight and structurally sound house that yields incredible energy ratings and has little to no outside noise transmission.

Both homes benefit from many large windows and doors that create an abundance of natural light and ventilation on every floor of the homes.  There is an ample amount of outdoor space and landscaping created by suspended balcony systems, roof top decks, and an open air ground level garage/loggia areas that open to an outdoor patio.

The front structure contains two wood burning fireplaces, an outdoor fire pit, a full house home audio and security system, 10’ ceilings throughout and a master suite with a steam room and rooftop terrace.

CKC Properties goal with the project was to introduce an urban in-fill project in the existing streetscape by creating a tasteful modern building of its time within the beautiful historic fabric of Charleston’s peninsula.   By utilizing stucco and cementitious shiplap siding along with suspended wrought iron balconies and large amounts of glass we are pleased to have accomplished that goal.


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